Custom Jewellery Design Services Wellington New Zealand

Custom Jewellery Design Services, Wellington, New Zealand

Peter Shakes Jeweler provides a face-to-face jewellery design service. Customers can visit our manufacturing studio to discuss their ideas with master jewellers, jewellery designers and jewellery tradespeople with decades of experience, in order to realize their dream engagement ring, wedding ring, dress ring or other unique piece of jewellery.

Jewellery Remodelling Services

You may have a top draw of gold jewellery you don't wear anymore. Pieces might be worn out or just unfashionable for today. With our Computer software we can design the latest look using your gold and stones. And provide photorealistic visualisations of what your custom design item will look like once finished.

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Custom Design Made-to-order Services

Our custom jewellery design and manufacturing services go far beyond what you may be able to select off the shelf in a downtown jewellery shop. We can provide a personalised custom jewellery design service from initial consultancy through sketches and the latest photorealistic rendering visualisations of your desired ring, through to expert advice on diamond and gemstone selection, to manufacturing at the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship available in New Zealand today.

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Custom Design Jewellery CAD Services

We use the very latest CAD design software and rapid protyping technology, together with old-world hand made techniques to delivery the best possible styles and quality in our custom jewellery. CAD involves drawing your ring with the latest jewellery design CAD software. We then print in wax your ring and have it cast in the precious metal of your choice. The cast ring is then returned to our factory for hand cleanup, finishing and diamond or gemstone setting. CAD rings are more accurate, symmetrical, detailed and less costly than hand-made jewellery.

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Custom Design Jewellery Services - Pricing

We offer a free initial consultation, after which, if you choose to employ our custom design services, we will produce some sketches and 3d Rendering of your design, along with a quote. If you then decide to have your piece manufactured with us, the custom design fee will be waived. Should you decide not to go ahead with manufacturing at this stage, we ask for a $225 fee to cover our time and input.

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Lorraine Downes
In 2008 when I was thinking about designing my wedding ring, I was referred to Peter by Sandra Allen, who is a jewellery consultant. Sandra communicated to Peter my ideas on what I wanted for my wedding ring. Throughout the process from my first fitting to receiving the ring, Peter was very professional and he has a very talented team working with him.

My ring was everything I dreamed it to be and much more! I would thoroughly recommend Peter to anyone wanting a special piece of jewellery.

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