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Thirty Years in Sourcing Top Quality Diamonds and Gemstones

Peter Shakes Jeweller has over 30 years experience in sourcing top quality diamonds including the best brilliant, asscher, princes, cushion, marquise and other diamond shapes. We can also source the best quality precious gemstones for your engagement ring, wedding, ring, pendant or other piece. Services offered include:

  • Established top quality gem suppliers
  • Signatories to the conflict diamonds Kimberly Process
  • Diamonds backed up with certificates
  • Vast inventory of diamonds for your engagement ring, wedding ring, dress ring or other diamond ring, pendant or bracelet
  • We can source rare and high quality diamonds and gemstones especially for you

Diamond Expertise - The 4 "Cs"

Peter likes to advise people to focus on the cut and colour of a diamond. An exceptionally well-cut diamond will out sparkle all others. The reason is that a beautifully-cut diamond is like a little set of mirrors because it reflects back all the light that enters it. A poorly cut diamond leaks light and looks poor by comparison.

The second most important feature is colour. A nice white diamond will always stand out and include grades white to yellow. Clarity is not so important. Tiny internal marks are hard to see without a microscope.

As a general rule, the whiter the diamond and the higher the clarity, the dearer the diamond will be. A good rule to keep in mind is that and engagement ring or wedding ring will still be worn in 20-30 years time, so opting for a quality diamond and ring, the best you can afford, will be a way of future-proofing your purchase.

Contact us for expert advice on your diamond or gemstone requirements, whether it be for an engagement ring, wedding band or other jeweller piece.


We had our wedding rings made by Peter Shakes and the entire process was stress-free and the outcome very pleasing. Peter and his team took time with us and were instrumental in assisting with our decision making on what rings to have made.

Their very helpful and knowledgeable advice ensured the rings were exactly what we wanted and made our wedding day all the more special.

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